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Top 10 Considerations When Hiring An Associate

As your practice grows you will reach a crossroads of deciding if or when you should add an associate. Before you take that leap, take the time to consider the impact on you and your practice.

  1. Review the numbers to make sure your practice can support an associate.
  1. Understand that your practice may take a financial dip after hiring an associate, until they ramp-up and build their practice.
  1. Know the services you want the associate to provide.
  1. Determine the best employment structure: Employee, Buy-in Partner, or Independent Contractor.
  1. Consider and ensure the right culture fit. Your patients put their trust in you to select a dentist that will continue your practice goals and philosophy and provide the best care. Make sure that you select a dentist that fits your practice culture and philosophy.
  1. Hire team members that will engage with and provide the highest level of care to your patients.
  1. Take the time to hire the right associate.
  1. Set realistic goals per month to motivate success.
  1. Inform and involve your dental team, whenever possible, for a smooth transition.
  1. Consider if the associate is for production only or if they are your transition plan in the next five or more years.

How SVA Can Help

Recruitment can be time consuming and take away from your patient care.  Let us help you focus on what you do best, providing quality care for your patients. Let SVA’s Practice Placement and Recruitment Solutions handle your recruitment needs to find the best fit for your practice.

BIZ TIP TOPIC EXPERT: Amanda Falkowski

Amanda Falkowski

Amanda is a Practice Consultant with SVA Certified Public Accountants, S.C. and a member of SVA Healthcare Services. Amanda has over 15 years of experience as a recruitment and talent acquisition specialist, as well as providing strategic communications guidance across a number of industries.